New Character Creation Revealed for The Elder Scrolls: Online

The Elder Scrolls have had pretty detailed customization systems in the past, this is no exception

Zenimax and Bethesda's new MMORPG The Elder Scrolls: Online is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated titles in recent memory, and just today they released a video detailing character creation! 

The video is narrated by Jared Carr, the art director for The Elder Scrolls: Online, who starts off with the bold yet, ambiguous statement:

"Going into this we made a conscious choice that we wanted our character creation system to be very robust."

 The video definitely lives up to that statement! Just take a look at all the different options:


 The ESO team is offering up a ton of notable options including:

  • Changing height regardless of race
  • Different body types, from fat to skinny
  • Control over details as seemingly inconsequential as hand size
  • Hundreds of different hairstyles, tattoos and skin options

Carr also stressed that they understand how important it is to many players that their characters look exactly how they want, and then proceeded to show hundreds of different options!


What do you think of the new character creation system? Worth the wait?


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Published Oct. 17th 2013

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