The top 10 best video games of all time, according to the Internet

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Organizing a list of the greatest games of all time is a bold, challenging, and sometimes presumptuous feat. Producing results which are unanimously satisfying is impossible. Nevertheless, several game journalism outlets have taken on this endeavor over the years - a brave few even went as far as compiling lists of one hundred games! Projects like these require many hours of unrelenting dedication and teams of passionate, intelligent individuals who should be congratulated.

With this wealth of informative content at our disposal, it all begs to be measured up and analyzed. What would one find from making comparisons between IGN's top 100 games and Gamespot's ten perfect-scored titles? Many of the sites have varying opinions on the top ten, and some had surprising entries in the No. 1 spot. In some cases, many games found their way to the top 10s or 20s of almost every list around.

This all brings up some interesting questions: which games appeared the most? How many top-ranking games were from recent generations? And most of all - can comparing these lists reveal to us the greatest video game of all time?

Published Oct. 31st 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    I have a grin on my face right now. The voice of the internet constantly drones on about how Nintendo is the worst of the big 3, and yet they literally own 5 of the top 10 IPs on this list. XD

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