Balan Wonderworld is a Platformer All About Heart and Theater

Balan Wonderworld is all about balancing human emotions by purging negativity through 3D platforming that's also musical theater.

Square Enix has been teasing a new game from its spinoff studio, Balan Company, for a while now. And during the Xbox Games Showcase, we finally got to see what that new game is: Balan Wonderworld, a 3D platformer adventure game tasking you with restoring balance to the human heart.

According to the developers, Balan Wonderworld is built around a mysterious musical theatre that appears when the balance between positive and negative emotions is lost. Everyone comes to Balan at some point, where their emotions are purified and what ails them gets set right.

Though all of this takes place on the stage of that person’s emotions, Inside Out this is not. Balan Wonderworld unfolds over a series of fantastical worlds, ranging from snowy wonderlands to neon underwater landscapes. You'll solve puzzles using 80 different costumes with their own unique abilities and approaches to dealing with enemies as well.

Balan Wonderworld is set for a spring 2021 launch, and despite premiering during the Xbox Game Showcase, it’s coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch as well. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Balan Wonderworld news as it develops.


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Published Jul. 23rd 2020

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