The Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards

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The PC master race isn't just about mods and better graphics: its also about customizing every last peripheral you can imagine, including some truly advanced keyboards with amazing features. There's a big downside to gaming keyboards though - they tend to be obnoxiously loud.

That can be a deal breaker for any given PC gamer, especially those whose gaming rigs double as work or school machines during the day, or who game at night while someone else is trying to sleep in the same room. It's also particularly annoying for streamers or anyone who runs a YouTube gaming channel if you don't want loud clacking to be picked up by the microphone when recording.

Different styles of keyboards will offer different keystroke volumes, starting with the loudest mechanical offerings. At the mid-range on the sound front will be your typical membrane or scissor-switch style keyboards that come with any given office computer. The quietest with then usually be the chiclet keys, which don't frequently have gaming in mind.

Here we're looking at a variety of models across all three styles that are much quieter than other gaming keyboards.

Published Nov. 2nd 2016

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