Top eSports rookies to look out for in 2016

Ho "Pinpingho" Kow-ping


Lets continue on Hearthstone rookies with a personal favorite of mine, Pinpingho.

A Taiwanese player who has been around since beta, Pinpingho got some attention during qualifications for BlizzCon 2015 by playing an unconventional Shaman deck. Yes, you read correctly. He made it through BlizzCon by playing a class considered useless by every other professional Hearthstone players. He even defeated Purple, who is considered one of the best Hearthstone players in the world. You can watch the match up below (Shaman play starts at 48:40).

By winning with Shaman decks, Pinpingho proves that he understands the game just as much as other professionals

In an interview with LiquidHearth, Pinpingho shared why he chose Shaman at BlizzCon.

I didn't bring Shaman just because of me being Pinpingho. I put a lot of thought into what decks to bring. I could just bring the standard lineup like Patron, Druid, Handlock, or maybe Secret Paladin; but since other people will also bring the same lineup, what advantage would I have? It will basically be a coinflip. Especially against someone who is even more skilled.

This kind of thinking shows Pinpingho's ability to think of creative strategies in order to surprise his opponents, and explains why he deserves to be on our list. Lets hope he keeps bringing out more Shaman play, because it is so much fun to watch.

Published Mar. 10th 2016

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