New PSP Emulator for PC and Android!

New PSP emulator released for PC and Android with exciting new features!

Ever wanted to play your PSP games on your PC? What about on your phone?

Well, a new and improved emulator has been released today, called the PPSSPP. This version is the 0.8 version of the game. 

The most exciting thing is that players will now be able to play their games in HD! PPSSPP will run the PSP games in high resolution HD, which is very exciting news.

Also, they can now be played on Android phones, so you can take them with you wherever you go. Another fun benefit of this new version is that it will improve textures that would otherwise not be clear or blurry that were originally made for the tiny screen on the PSP. 

Here is a full list of everything that will be available with this 0.8 update! 

  • Players will be able to play all games in HD!
  • Games will be able to be saved and restored, no matter where the player is located. 
  • You can play any of the games on your tablet, so you can still have the big screen experience you might be craving. 
  • Players can continue where they left off by transferring the saves from the games to the phone or PC.
  • There will be  anisotropic filtering and texture scaling available!

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Editor's note: GameSkinny does not support the illegal download and distribution of games. To find out how to add games to PPSSPP legally, read their FAQ.


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Published Jun. 25th 2013

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