TERA adds new PvE server, free server transfers start Tuesday

TERA's getting a new PvE server to accommodate the new Steam players and is giving free server transfers this week.

TERA's been through several server additions and subtractions since launch, and this is the third time En Masse Entertainment have had to add an additional server to lighten the load on others. To accommodate the new influx of players since the Steam launch, they've had to add a new PvE server: Highwatch.

The addition of a new PvE server may be a surprise to long time players as the PvP servers have traditionally been the most populated. First was the original Valley of Titans server during the initial launch months, then Mount Tyrannus after some server culling due to low player numbers.

These days the game has three PvP servers: Valley of Titans, Mount Tyrannus, and Valley of Tears. All three of these, according to En Masse, are doing better than ever since the Steam launch.

With PvE numbers on the rise, En Masse has added the much-needed Highwatch server to try to keep login queues low to keep queue headaches minimal before the game's population stabilizes.

Free server transfers

As usual, free server transfers are going to go live in the wake of the new server. The free transfer period begins on Tuesday, June 9th and extends to June 16th.

The rules are similar to the standard, with a few exceptions. Players will not be able to transfer to Ascension Valley, Celestial Hills, nor Tempest Reach for the free transfer duration.

There will also be a 7 day cooldown for transfers during this period instead of the standard 5, meaning you will only be able to get one free transfer per character between the 9th and 16th.

Check out the whole list of restrictions on the official TERA website and choose carefully! Free server transfers don't come by every day.

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Published Jun. 7th 2015

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