Dragon Quest Builders Guide - How to find Cod in Chapter 2

Having troubling fishing up that dang Cod? Never fear, I tell you exactly where you can catch all the Cod you'll ever need in Dragon Quest Builders.

The quest to create the paralysis cure in Chapter 2 of Dragon Quest Builders stumped me for quite some time. Mostly because it required a Cod fish, when it seemed like every fishing spot I went to only offered up Sardines. It's almost like they didn't exist. What gives?

Do Cods have a super low catch rate? Can they only be caught at night? Where can we catch them? Are Cods even in Dragon Quest Builders? Is Square Enix trolling us?

Hold your horses, Builder, don't over-complicate it. The only thing that affects what fish you will catch is where you decide to cast out your rod. In the Beginner's Guide, we mentioned that you only need to cast your fishing rod a few times to figure out what kind of fish you'll discover in that spot. You're not going to magically find a Cod after fishing 50 Sardines out of the ocean near Base. You need to take a trek.

To find Cod, head through the Blue Teleportal and climb up the cliff to your left. Continue on in that direction until you come across a river. Wade through the current to the other side, where the killerpillers roam. Find a safe spot near a lake or the sea and cast out your rod.

Make sure you press 'X' when you notice the splash, otherwise your fish will get away. You can catch both Sardines and Cods on this island.

Once you've caught as much Cod as you desire (1 will actually make 3 paralysis cures), return to base to heal up your patients.

If you ever need to make another Cod run after the Red Teleportal is open, you can head to the back of that area to find all manner of tasty swimmers. Might as well pick up some Red Snappers and Tuna fish while you're at it. You can never have enough food.

To get there, simply wade through the swamp past the Red Teleportal until you reach the brick area with skeletons and casters. Then find a safe spot to cast out your line and enjoy.

How are you enjoying Dragon Quest Builders so far? Got any other quests you're stuck on? Leave your questions in the comments below!

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Published Oct. 13th 2016

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