5 Great Minecraft 1.9 cave seeds for your inner spelunker

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We all have our reasons for playing Minecraft. Some like the adventure of roaming over the open world, across tundras, through forests, and over seas. Some enjoy progress -- going from the least pointy sticks and mud huts to shiny diamond armor and great stone castles in the sky.

Some of us just like punching zombies over and over, riding horses, or playing the very best Harvest Moon simulator we can find while we raise chickens, pigs, and wheat. 

But it isn't Chickencraft, is it? It isn't Upgradecraft, or Wander-About-Aimlessly-Craft. It isn't even ZombiePunchCraft (though we're holding out for that one, still). 

No -- It's Minecraft. So leave the open sky and come with us into five of the deepest, darkest caves and spooky abandoned Mine-shaft seeds we could dig up in version 1.9. 

Published Apr. 29th 2016

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