PUBG Test Servers Add Vaulting and Climbing

Soon you'll be able to literally get the drop on your PUBG opponents.

In an entry to their dev blog, the Player Unkown Battlegrounds (PUBG) team announced Friday that the test servers for version PC 1.0 of the game will include a vaulting and climbing system. This much-anticipated feature is new to the game, and can vary depending on the height of the climbable object, the speed at which you approach it, and whether or not a player character can stand on it.

At a panel during PAX Aus, the creator of PUBG, Brendan Greene said, "vaulting will change the game severely." Furthermore, in an interview with GameSpot after the panel, Greene explained that the reason vaulting hadn't been included in the game originally was because he, "thought it was not critically important to the overall experience" of the game.

It's unclear when the PC 1.0 build test servers will go live, only that they will sometime this week. The dev team expects there to be bugs because of the way the vaulting system works, and are hoping to iron out any wrinkles during this test period.

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Published Oct. 28th 2017

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