GungHo Made $3.76 Million a Day in April with Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons proves to be more than a little profitable for GungHo Entertainment.

The success of Japanese mobile title Puzzle & Dragons has reached almost astronomical proportions. GungHo Entertainment raked in a whopping $3.76 million each day in April, with Puzzle & Dragons garnering 13 million players in that time.

GungHo reported ¥12 billion ($118 million) in revenue for the month of April, marking a 1,142% increase in revenue over last year. Puzzle & Dragons alone made up $113 million in revenue.

The company's share price rose 28.79% on the Osaka Stock Exchange this morning, and the market closed with GungHo's market cap sitting at $10 billion. This is higher than Japanese mobile giants Mobage, DeNA, and GREE; as well as Western giant Zynga combined.

The 13 million Puzzle & Dragons players make up 10% of the whole of Japan's population. Who new a single game could be so successful? The game is set to release on the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Will this new release see the same type of success?

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Published May. 13th 2013

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