Terraria Reaches Journey's End Just Before Summer

Terraria's final update plans to be its biggest yet, revamping much of the game and adding loads of content.

Terraria has had a long and notable life. After nine years and a whopping 30 million total sales, the 2D action sandbox will be receiving its final, and perhaps biggest, update yet with patch 1.4, titled Journey's End.

Releasing on May 16, Terraria's Journey's End update promises to bring more to the game than the largest patches prior.

Though we don't know everything to come in 1.4 just yet, we do know of a few additions. Some notable ones to whet your appetite are:

  • A new bestiary
  • New furniture sets, consumables, equipment sets, and more
  • New Void Vault and Bag storage
  • New pets
  • New mounts
  • Golfing minigame
  • New Blood Moon enemies
  • New critters
  • At least one new Hardmode boss
  • A new block swapping feature
  • Wind
  • Master mode, a difficulty higher than Expert
  • The ability to sit in chairs
  • Wing rebalancing
  • World generation revamp (more varied worlds, perhaps?)
  • New graphical elements and animations
  • New music

The above is just a touch on what Journey's End promises to bring to Terraria players come to PC players next month.

Terraria 1.4 will be launching on PC on May 16, with the console and mobile editions of the game receiving its final massive update sometime later this year.

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Published Apr. 13th 2020

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