Blade & Soul Head Start begins tomorrow for Founders

Founder's Pack holders can finally hop onto Blade & Soul tomorrow to get their fix before the servers go live for everyone January 19th.

Is it time yet? Is Blade & Soul out yet? Nay, I say! Blade & Soul won't be out until next week. How could you forget the launch date is January 19th -- that's not even until next Tuesday. Get it together. Geez.

If you're one of the hyped Blade & Soul fans who grabbed a Founder's Pack to participate in the game's closed beta weekends or simply to get in early, tomorrow is the day you can finally log in and play during Head Start, before the totally free to play masses get to it on Tuesday.

Head Start begins tomorrow at 10AM PST/1PM EST in North America and 7PM CET for Europeans. Holders of any Founder's Pack tier will be able to hop on as of tomorrow and roll around at the wuxia speed of sound to get a leg up on launch players (and the economy) next week.

Blade & Soul is primarily a PvP game, and getting in early during Head Start is a good idea if you're looking to get into the game's PvP scene. If you're waiting on the actual launch, that's okay -- you can get started on Tuesday like most people. Just don't wear your faction outfit at early levels, lest you get repeatedly feasted on by bloodthirsty experienced players. The bloodlust is real.

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Published Jan. 14th 2016

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