[GW2 Fashion} Kealli- Small body...Big heart.

Kealli had always been an animated and enthusiastic child, always eager to learn new things, to experiment, keen to ask questions.

As she grew older, she never lost her excitement and desire to explore all Tyria and beyond could offer, the cultures, the history, and the secrets.

She joined the College of Dynamics, hoping to find like-minded persons with that same passion to explore new possibilities. When she completed her first invention, the VAL-A Golem, as proud as she was, she yearned for more, to discover and understand more about the magic surrounding Tyria.

When she learned about the dragons and the mystery and the magic surrounding their existence, the secrets kept, she knew it was time.

She dyed her hair, shouldered her backpack, grabbed her staff and finally ventured out alone for the adventure she had always dreamed of.

These days, most of her peers would call her odd or eccentric. She would just say she was simply happy.


  • Helm- Hidden
  • Shoulders- Genius Epaulets (Cultural Tier 2)
  • Chest- Whispers (Whisper order)
  • Gloves- Radiant Vambraces (3000 AP chest)
  • Legs- Priory (Priory Order)
  • Feet- Aetherblade (Gemstore)
  • Backpiece- Lightning Catcher (150 Fortune Scraps/1 Golden Fortune Scrap/Sanctum Sprint chest/Trading Post)
  • DYES - Celestial and Midnight Purple




Published Jul. 18th 2013
  • Ecobahn
    Awh so adorable! Despite not using a full Asuran cultural armour set its good to see your little Asura still has that "genius" / "works in alaboratory" appearance. Suits you!

    Awesome screenshot at the end -- superb angle!
  • Pallas Athene
    soooo kl
  • Zorby_4500
    Solid mix'n'match. It looks good, as one look.
  • DreamAvenue
    Both of your entries are so adorable owo.
    I love how the dye job turned out on the pants especially.
  • Auesis
    I love it :3
  • Kealli
  • White Hot Cream
    You are the reason I am now attracted to Asuras <3
  • Kealli
    <3 I'll take that as a compliment >_>
  • Alv_1991
    Better with Quaggan hat!

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