The Five Must See Panels At PAX Prime 2014

Penny Arcade - Make a Strip! (Sunday 1 PM)

The Penny Arcade Expo was originally started in 2004 to celebrate the webcomic Penny Arcade. Back then, the convention centered around the strips drawn by Mike Krahulik and written by Jerry Holkins. I distinctly remember one year where the convention was covered with banners of blown up comics taken straight from the Penny Arcade archives.

These days, however, the convention has little to do with the webcomic that birthed it, leaving Mike and Jerry in more of a figurehead position. One relic from those webcomic-centric days still remains, however, and continues to be one of the best highlights of the show. That relic is the Make a Strip panel.

The Make a Strip panel is pretty self-explanatory. The audience gets to watch Mike and Jerry make a comic live on stage with the panel opening up to Q&A while Mike draws the comic. Mike and Jerry have a natural chemistry with each other and a great stage presence honed through years of PAX appearances.

The best part, however, is definitely the Q&A period. Many PAX legends have been created here, such as the hot dog fairy and "the sound of a 1000 knuckles cracking." It's also incredible to hear stories from people about how Penny Arcade affected their lives.

If you can only go to one panel during the entirety of PAX, go to this one. I haven't missed this panel once in the eight years I've been attending the show. You shouldn't miss it either.

Published Aug. 18th 2014

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