AMD Announces Sulon Q All-In-One VR Headset

AMD and Sulon Technologies announces Sulon Q, an all-in-one virtual and augmented reality headset. No fancy computer required!

AMD, the infamous graphics processor company, and Sulon Technologies have teamed up to throw their hat into the virtual reality ring with Sulon Q. Sulon Q boasts being not only an all-in-one VR headset, but also has augmented reality and spatial computing technology. 

So, what makes the Sulon Q stand out? Let's take a look:

"Wear and Play" Design: Something that industry leader Oculus Rift is missing is mobility and accessibility. You don't need a high-performance PC or additional accessories for this headset to function. Just put it on, and you're good to go!

Combining VR and AR: Sulon Q aims to bridge the gap between virtual and augmented realities. The Sulon Q is built with Sulon's Spatial Processing Unit, which allows for augmented/virtual reality exploration. 

Spatial Redirection: Sulon's Spatial Processing Unit makes it so that your living room, office, or wherever you are becomes infinitely vast -- without the fancy treadmill.

Console-quality Graphics: This is, after all, built in part by AMD. The Sulon Q uses the recently launched AMD-FX8800P processor, capable of creating high-quality 2560x1440 graphics on its OLED display.

Spatial Audio: The Sulon Q uses AstoundSound technology in its integrated earbuds to produce spatially aware, three-dimensional audio.

Could this be the VR/AR headset to end them all? What do you think?

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Published Jun. 15th 2020

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