4 Fantastic Games That Should Have Been on the SNES Classic Mini

These gems, while not on the SNES Classic Mini, are well worth your time.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) has one of the best libraries in classic games history. Whether it be the challenge of Contra 3: The Alien Wars or the sense of adventure in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, these games capture players and keep them coming back for more.

Capitalizing on the quality of the SNES and the nostalgia that comes with it, Nintendo will set upon the world the SNES Classic Mini. With this plug-and-play console, you can immediately access 22 SNES games, including the unreleased Star Fox 2. While the 22 SNES games are high-quality romps through gaming nostalgia, there are few fantastic games not on the SNES Classic Mini.

These 4 games provide interesting adventures and are well worth your time. LEt's jump in and see what they are. 

Chrono Trigger

One of the best RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger presents an engaging tale full of time travel and action, where players follow Chrono and his party as he saves the world from the catastrophic Lavos. While the large-scale plot is engaging, the details turn the game into something special. With multiple subplots flowing throughout Chrono Trigger, each party member faces their own individual challenges, growing in the process.

Tying the story together is an engaging turn-based combat system. Similar to the ATB system in Final Fantasy, combat becomes a combination of time management and strategy. These fights become more engaging with the addition of Techs, special abilities in which party members can combine turns into one move.

All in all, saving the world in Chrono Trigger is an adventure that no gamer should miss out on. 

Final Fantasy II 

Speaking of RPGs, while the SNES Classic Mini contains Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy II is nowhere to be seen. With one of the best character arcs present in the 16-bit era, Final Fantasy II shows the struggle of a group just trying to do what's right. Experience a tale of redemption as the knight Cecil turns away from his past and fights to bring peace to the land. Every character has a story and will grow alongside Cecil throughout this adventure.

Final Fantasy II innovated upon the Final Fantasy battle system with the addition of the ATB system. Face against your enemy -- and even time itself -- as you command your party members to victory. Final Fantasy II is endearing and one of the best Final Fantasies of all time.

Super Bomberman

One of the best local-multiplayer games on the Super Nintendo, Super Bomberman used the Multi-Tap to bring four players into the fun bombing foray. While it was the first four-player game on the SNES, Super Bomberman takes the added players and creates chaotic matches full of frantic combat. With the simple premise of blowing up your competition, each map layers the gameplay with new strategies revolving around the power ups and layouts.

For players searching for a cooperative or solo mode, Super Bomberman contains a simple, yet enjoyable, set of stages that will send you through multiple worlds. Sadly, it doesn't have a save system, instead relying on passwords to continue your progress. However, these passwords are readily available online and are relatively short. If you want some explosive action, Super Bomberman is for you.

Legend of the Mystic Ninja

Combining ninjas with quirky platforming, Legend of the Mystic Ninja provides a fun co-op experience for the SNES. While the overall story is simple, everything from enemies to items are lighthearted and fun. As you fight through Japan, levels are split between exploring towns and 2D platforming stages. Light RPG elements make exploration enjoyable, but the true engagement of the game is the 2D action.

These 2D levels turn from challenging adventures into co-op madness when you decide to bring a friend along for the ride. Not only is the difficulty alleviated due to the added lives, but creative players can bypass difficult sections by working together.

Of course, you'll also run into the chaos of having two players scrambling as they take down challenging boss fights. But even when the game gets intense, its lighthearted nature provides many laughs with your struggles. Legend of the Mystic Ninja provides a fun co-op adventure rarely seen today.


The Super Nintendo is a fantastic system, and hopefully the SNES Classic Mini can show a new audience the wonders these classics have to offer. While the NES Mini introduced players to the classics on the NES, production issues limited the reach the NES Mini had. If Nintendo can properly supply the SNES Classic Mini, it can reintroduce the games that helped shape the gaming landscape of today.

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Published Aug. 10th 2017

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