Pokemon GO lets you venture out and become a real-life Pokemon trainer!

We all know that we'd definitely mob for that Mewtwo.

Pokemon GO is a newly announced game where you (yes, you. Not some random playable character in the game. YOU) become the trainer and hero of the game.

Releasing the trailer, it shows that in Pokemon GO, you actually go out there in the world to capture Pokemon, trade, and battle other Pokemon GO trainers. While the trailer showed no actual gameplay (you know, besides finding the Pokemon themselves), knowing Niantic, a company known for the Google Maps-integrated ARG Ingress, we can only assume that Pokemon GO will show Pokemon out there as augmented reality or AR.

Junichi Masuda, a game director of GameFreak commented:

"So, of course, in Pokemon GO, that sounds like it's a simple gameplay but we're also working to create a lot of depth so the game can be enjoyed a wide range of ages."

In order to reach that wide audience, they might be talking about the monthly events mentioned in the press conference which was talked about as one of the well-known features in Niantic's game, Ingress, the inspiration for Pokemon GO.

The monthly events will take place in multiple cities and players will venture out to these cities to complete each huge event. In Pokemon GO, it looks like one of these events could be catching the first generation's mightiest Pokemon, Mewtwo. In Times Square. With a mob of trainers. 

The game is set to be released in 2016, but the game isn't going to be releasing alone.

A device called the Pokemon GO Plus is releasing alongside the game. The Pokemon GO Plus will vibrate and flash to notify players of things such as when a Pokemon is nearby or anything else that might be happening in the game. It uses bluetooth to connect to Android and iPhone and pressing the button on the middle of the Pokeball designed device allows you to do things such as capturing Pokemon.

It's a fun idea and I would definitely go out there just to capture Pokemon, running around Times Square to find the "elusive" Caterpie. 

Once Pokemon GO releases, will you go out there and catch 'em all or will it be something that you'll let the Pokemon GO Plus tell you when it's time to capture a Pokemon? Share your thoughts on the comments!


Published Sep. 29th 2017
  • Niki_5259
    Can I preorder.
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    This looks kind of cool, but reminds me a lot of those "omg it's a ghost/zombie, run!" mobile games.

    How would Pokemon GO decide where to place different Pokemon? What if they appear in a sketchy part of town or really far away? It's not like we all live in Pallet Town where the most dangerous place is a field of tall grass...

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