Two Best Friends Play

Two Best Friends Play: Another nominee for Dragon Slayer award for Machinima or video series.

Many a day have gamers grabbed their favorite energy drinks, a few boxes of pizza and sat down for a good old-fashioned gaming session, bringing them closer together. Two Best Friends Play is a product of such a night.

CollegeThe Show consists of two friends (Matt and Pat), playing a game together and talking smack. Examples of some games played are: Star Trek, Injustice and Devil May Cry. The console they play on will change every episode and will include everything from the PS3 to an old school Nintendo. Within the site you will also find small clips of things that they find humorous. Another notable series with this format would be Felicia Day's Co-optitude, but remember, Two Best Friends Play is the OG of broadcasting two people enjoying a night of video games. 

Two Best Friends Play is running on its 7th season, airs once a week and is part of the Machinima Prime line-up. To learn more about this series head over to the YouTube Channel, and click here to vote in the Dragon Slayer Awards!


Published Aug. 16th 2013
  • Catrina Dennis
    Featured Contributor
    I love these guys! I always feel like I'm right there with them and listening to their banter... which makes me feel like a total creep. Oops!

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