10 Game Series That Need a Comeback

Dino Crisis

Dear Shinji Mikami,

Can you please explain just what incarnation is going on in your latest horror game The Evil Within? Why is it so disjointed and why the heck does everyone keep ending up in baths?! On second thought, could you just get back to making the phenomenal Dino Crisis.

Yours sincerely, Every Gamer Ever.

Last seen in 2003, with its last decent entry going back as far as 1999's, this is a series that's almost as extinct as the ferocious reptiles it features, well give or take several million years. The point is that technology has advanced so much since the early Resident Evil-style survival horror featuring the fixed camera angles and tank controls of the series heyday.

Were the series to be revived now with same atmosphere that made the first two so intense, HD graphics and the kind of radical overhaul in gameplay seen in Resident Evil 4, we could have something very special indeed.

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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