Verdun "Horrors of War" Has Charged Steam for Free

A free Expansion for WW1 shooter Verdun is out now. Features a new night map, new weapons, a new co-op mode, new squads, and a smaller feature.

Verdun, a World War 1 FPS, has just been updated with a sizeable free expansion called "Horrors of War". Included is:

  • 5 new squads
    • Belgians - Sentry Squad
    • U.S. Doughboys - Rifle Squad
    • U.S. Marines - Engineer Squad
    • Pioniere - German  Engineer Squad
    • Schützen - German Sentry Squad
  • 40 new weapons - too many to list
    • Guns
      • Artillery Luger Pistol
      • BAR
      • Moss Rifle
      • C96 Mauser
    • Attachments
      • Telescopic Sights
      • Trench Magazines

There are now more Abilities, one of which is Big Bertha artillery. These were heavy German artillery pieces, which were able to reasonably easily transported and were very successful in the early stages of WW1.

A new night map, called Champagne, has also been added. It looks to be a very claustrophobic and maze-like map, where more fights would take place within knife range than in other maps.

Another new map is available as well, this time fortress-themed and called Douaumont. It appears to be rather open, making battles take place over a longer distance. A height advantage gives you control over the battlefield, but also leads to you drawing most of the fire.

There is also a new co-op mode, called Squad Defense. It's "offering a new kind of authentic WW1 experience." Squad Defense is a 4-player wave survival mode, where the players have to defend their trenches for as long as possible.

Gore settings are now in the game, meaning you can now set the gore level from fully realistic, complete with limbs getting blown off. Or you can go as far as simply turning it off.

verdun douaumont

The fortress of the new Douaumont map

Free means free, man!

Don't you love it when something releases for free? It's always felt special to me. Especially now, with too many companies trying to squeeze every little piece of cash out of you.

You can download the "Horrors of War" for Verdun right now, and it may already have downloaded for you. Give Steam a check if you aren't sure.

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Published Mar. 24th 2016

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