Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden hits the Nintendo eShop and offers a new pre-order bonus of Super Butoden 2

For a $30 Amazon pre-order, Dragonball fans can get the new 3DS Extreme Butoden game along with 6 additional characters and a Japanese port of Butoden 2.

Dragon Ball Z fans are getting spoiled right now. Bandai Namco released their trailer for their add-on game port of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2 on YouTube. And the 3DS Nintendo eShop game Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is set to release October 20th.

As a special bonus to those who pre-order Extreme Butoden, Super Butoden 2 will be available for immediate play. Additionally, Bandai Namco says that the offer will be available in physical version if you go to your local retailer. The port is an Amazon exclusive that has even more to offer. If you order through Amazon, you will recieve 6 support characters, including Kid Goku, Garlic Jr., Super Vegito, Metal Cooler, Kid Gohan, and Baby Goku. It's a pretty hefty pre-order enticement for something that only costs about $30 USD.

The original Super Butoden 2 was a well-received Super Nintendo game released in 1993 that features 10 playable characters, a robust story mode with various outcomes, and multiplayer. The re-release of the game still retains its ahead-of-its-time '90s charm and is a true port, meaning it wasn't translated. For some, this is a huge dealbreaker. 

Two games for the price of one sounds like a decent deal, pre-order ethics aside. Of course, that's only if you think this port looks worth it. Perhaps if you already wanted to pay an advance for Extreme Butoden, this addition of the Super Butoden 2 port doesn't matter quite as much.

If you want a taste of Extreme Butoden, Bandai has a special website that serves as a fun promotional activity. The teaser is a battle arena to bet on your favorite character by Tweeting your choice, and participants have the ability to win prizes including T-shirts or the game itself.

Again, Extreme Butoden is coming October 20th to North America exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Published Oct. 3rd 2015

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