Quantam Break Lauch Window Announced

A new listing on the Canada Xbox Store has placed Remedy Games' newest IP Quantum Break at a Spring 2016 release. Placing the games launch between March and May of next year.

After its original appearance at E3 we have heard very little about Remedy Games newest action-adventure IP Quantum Break. What we do know is the game follow the story of Jack Joyce caught up in "a desperate fight to stop the fracture, that threatens to cause the end of time."

Microsoft has also announced that Quantum Break will be accompanied by a live action TV series and most importantly it would be launching in 2015. A new action-adventure IP centered around the end of time would have been a huge boost for Microsoft whose 2015 game lineup is already overflowing with AAA titles.

That overflowing list of AAA titles, however, is the reason that Microsoft Studios and Remedy Entertainment announced in April they are pushing Quantum Break back to 2016. Head of Publishing at Microsoft Studios Shannon Loftis said: “With so many Xbox One games launching this year, moving Quantum Break to 2016 extends our incredible portfolio into next year with a monster new IP,”

Unfortunately they gave no idea of when in 2016 Quantum Break would appear, but that changed today with a new listing on the Canada Xbox Store. According to the Canada store Remedy's latest IP will be launching in Spring 2016 placing its release between March and May. Microsoft has yet to answer questions if the listing is correct or simply a placeholder.

On a related note Remedy Games CEO, Matia Myllyrinne, has announced his departure from the studio after 15 years.


Published Jun. 5th 2015

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