ArcheAge Russia's Payment Model Kicked in Teeth After Outcry

ArcheAge's proposed business model has ruffled some feathers.

Russian ArcheAge publisher stirred up some major player outcry last week after revealing the game's payment model heavily favoring players who open their wallets. Just eight days later, the publisher is considering changing their minds on the proposed model.

This handy-dandy chart gives a look at the business model released to the public last week, translation courtesy of (Russian).

It's not difficult to see what the outcry was about. With the model proposed above, free players would be starved for Labor Points at all times thanks to the 500 cap and 2 per five-minute recovery rate. Additionally, the Crystal and Arc system as a whole would put more pressure on trade routes (and piracy) and make it difficult for players to justify the risk of trading.

After a massive rumble among Russian ArcheAge fans (including a petition on, has spoken up to let people know they are listening and that they will be taking a look at the proposed model, stating they will either be refining this model, combining it with the one used on ArcheAge Korea, or simply using an identical model to that of Korea.

While the game may be slowly yet visibly making its way to Russia under, Trion Worlds continues to be silent on the game's release elsewhere. Even a potential business model reveal would be nice at this point, to get the flames of hype going again.

(Via MMO Culture)

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Published Oct. 10th 2013
  • Faowri
    After all this time and so many bad examples, you'd think developers would understand that if you're going to have optional monetary transactions/subscriptions in a game, the paid-for bonuses need to be COSMETIC.

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