Kill Gary Busey For A Whole Week In Hitman

Gary Busey will be available as an Elusive Target in Hitman for 168 hours.

Hitman developer IO Productions started an interesting campaign in March. In order to raise some hype for their new installment in the classic stealth/action series, they decided to let players decide whether they would like to kill Gary Busey or Gary Coleman.

After a couple months of fierce competition, Gary Busey came out the victor, and for this week only, Hitman players will be able to take out Busey. Busey will appear as an Elusive Target, the seventh to be included in Hitman. Elusive Targets are a new addition to the Hitman series and players only have one shot to take them out. If players fail to kill their targets, there won't be any second chances. The target will flee from the game world, and never return.

Busey will be romping around the Sapienza region of Hitman for 168 hours. After this Busey will cease to be a target, and players will forever lose their chance to take out one of Hollywood's most infamous madmen.

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Published Jul. 22nd 2016

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