10 Best Dropper Maps for Minecraft PE

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When we play video games, we often glean information that applies to our everyday lives. What do Minecraft dropper maps reveal? The precision Lando Calrissian had when flying the Millennium Falcon through the Death Star II, or what Jack Sparrow meant when he uttered: "You know the feeling you get when standing in a high place, the sudden urge to jump?"

Indeed, dropper maps require nothing short of skill, luck, and a strong desire to leap to your death. In this list, we explore some of the best dropper maps from all versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), even version 1.2.8.

(Screenshot taken from CemreK. Artworks' Dropper X: The Final Drop map.)

Super Mega Dropper: New Halloween

Created by: MegaStriker, alienszi
Version: 1.2.5

With a game lobby reminiscent of Wreck-It Ralph’s Game Central Station, Super Mega Dropper offers some of the best dropper maps in all of Minecraft. Choose from over 40 beautifully designed maps across four categories (easy, hard, old, and remastered), where players can collect trophies (yes, there’s a trophy room!), save progress, and forge through five levels of a Halloween-inspired dungeon.

Note: Some maps take some time to load properly, but this world is worth spending some time in. Ever wanted to feel the effects of a Wonka Fizzy Lifting Drink? The reverse dropper maps won’t disappoint.

The Cube Escape

Created by: MT714
Version: 1.2.6

As one of the strongest examples of Minecraft mechanics at play, all confined to the space of a cube, The Cube Escape is indeed a challenging map to solve. Test your wits across nine levels involving parkour, mazes, puzzles, and reverse droppers, all in the hopes of escape. 

If you ever find yourself stuck, it is very possible to break through the glass interior (or enter creative mode). Just know that it does count as a rule violation.


The X Dropper Map

Created by: LineOfCode
Version: 1.1.3

If you combined Gauntlet Dark Legacy with Minecraft, you'd arrive at The X Dropper Map. Chart across 16 realm-inspired arenas, ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard, and reach the shallow pools (or blocks with bouncing properties) to proceed to the next level. The catch: acquire the blaze rod hidden in each level.

Before starting out on your spelunking adventure, check out the setting requirements placed on the lobby wall. If you're going to enjoy some of the best dropper maps Minecraft has to offer, you'll want to do it right.

The Dropper

Created by: Bigre
Version: 1.0.5

Widely considered one of the best dropper maps (and most popular), The Dropper simulates skydiving Minecraft style. Leap from great heights across 10 levels as you plunge toward a small landing zone -- or death -- in beautifully crafted settings. Beware: some landing zones can be mistaken for a lookalike, or may be invisible from the starting point altogether. Be sure to click the button to save your spawn location.

Note: You can press the button adjacent to each jump location to temporarily open a block, or press the lever to reveal the map in its entirety.


Reverse Dropper

Created by: Evil Warriors
Version: 1.0.5

Take to the skies with Minecraft's levitation effect as you float through eight unique levels in this reverse dropper map. Be sure to save any progress using the buttons provided, because not only do these settings pose a challenge, but there's no going back once you step on the pressure plate.

A good strategy is to simply look up and note any possible openings before proceeding. If you hit a single block that delays your movement, you'll more than likely have to reset.


Created by: Effect99
Version: 1.2.8

"[Effect99] Run!!" is perhaps the last thing you'll read before succumbing to an onslaught of cascading lava blocks in this escape mini-game. As one of the best dropper maps of Minecraft PE 1.2.8, MagmaRun's gauntlet is indeed challenging -- even on its easiest setting.

From the game lobby, choose your difficulty as well as your light mode (day or night), and begin the challenge with a generous, albeit necessary, ten-second head start. Make your way through four tiers, each indicated by a color with its own set of buffs (or debuffs), to reach the bottom. 

If you're able, play with friends to pick up materials not found in solo mode; however, if you brave the challenge alone, consider using the forward and back keys to quickly fall to lower levels. If you hear the creepers take damage, it's a good indication that you may not make it. 



Dropper IB 5

Created by: itzBojan
Version: 1.2.8

In an age of alternative facts, Dropper IB 5 -- the fifth installment of the IB series -- demands nothing less than pure accuracy. Dive through 23 stunning courses across four stages: 3D Droppers, Normal Droppers, Hard Droppers, and Extreme Droppers. Beware: most landing zones are a mere block of water. While the map overall rivals some of the best dropper maps in Minecraft, the levels are not restricted to prior course completion.

Raybe's Dropper

Created by: Raybe_mcpe
Version: 0.12.1

Raybe's Dropper is one of the older dropper maps, and it shows: players can skip levels, and there's no progress-based respawn point; however, it no less ranks as one of the best dropper maps in Minecraft

In five distinct realms, players must plunge, perhaps not always intuitively, to a safe landing point far below the launch platform. (Traveling through water or lava blocks mid-flight may catch some off guard.) While the map isn't as extensive as its dropper counterparts, it provides a unique challenge and a strong introduction to the map style.


The Dropper 2: Newton VS Darwin

Created by: Bigre
Version: 1.12.2

If Bigre's The Dropper 2: Newton VS Darwin was ranked on a scale from 1 to 10, it would be an 11. A sheer work of art in both scope and detail, this map is indeed at the top of the best dropper maps in Minecraft. Across 15 levels, players must forge through locales inspired by Lord of the Rings, Beetlejuice, Dracula, The Matrix, and more to collect enough diamonds to unlock the bonus level.

Progress is based on prior level completion, and this map not only implements atypical dropper conventions, but sets the standard for what droppers should be. Players must come equipped with skill and luck if they are to survive all 16 levels.

Well met, Newton and Darwin.


Reverse Dropper

Created by: JojoGlick
Version: 1.9

Most dropper maps on this list have focused on single drops or avoiding obstacles to safely reach the end. In JojoGlick's Reverse Dropper, however, reaching the end is just the beginning.

Across several levels, which include some parkour, players enter a game of Pong, using (sometimes limited) levitation effects to arrive at the level's midpoint before descending to the final zone. Be sure to step on the green checkpoint before proceeding.


Once you've had a chance to check out these dropper maps in Minecraft, let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite. Do you have a best dropper map that didn't make our list? Let us know. 

Published Jan. 10th 2018

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