Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Coming to PS4

Square Enix announces their popular Final Fantasy arcade game is coming to the PlayStation 4.

Square Enix has just released an announcement trailer that reveals their plans to bring Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to the PlayStation 4. The popular Japanese arcade game, developed by Koei Tecmo Games’ Team Ninja, is set to ship worldwide in early 2018.

More details about this release were outlined in a 2-hour live stream (in Japanese), and via the official website. Here's the rundown of what the PS4 version game will include:

  • The original arcade 3v3 battle system. This will also have additional combat systems exclusive to the PlayStation 4, all with their own rule sets, single-player modes, and room creation for friends to battle.
  • Over 20 playable characters. Both heroes and villains alike will make an appearance for players to choose from, and more characters are on the way.
  • Several notable arena locations. These include Midgar, Besaid, and Porta Decumana.
  • An PS4-exclusive narrative style. This will be told through event scenes.
  • Single-player and co-op modes. Experience the story alone or with friends.

Though there are lots of features coming to the PS4 version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, there are a few that aren't going to be implemented -- at least not yet. Cross-platform fighting between players will be unavailable. And for right now, there won't be any way for arcade users to carry over data to the PS4 version. But Square is hoping to bring that to the game in the the future.

Those attending E3 2017 with have the chance to play the game and find out more. For those of you who won't be on the show floor, stay tuned to GameSkinny as we cover any further news about the game and its release.


Published Jun. 7th 2017

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