15 Great Amiibo-Themed Cosplays

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Nintendo has been striking pure gold within its own nostalgia. Despite sitting on this gravy train for decades, it wasn't until recently that the video game company decided to officially license amiibo figures based off their popular gaming franchises.

And with the craze surrounding these little toys far from over, it comes as no surprise that fans would draw inspiration from the figures to create their own costumes based on them. From a fuzzy Charizard to a late era Princess Peach, these fifteen amiibo-inspired cosplay costumes are just plain awesome.


Family of Samus

By d-slim

Samus may be one of Nintendo's most badass heroines, but she probably has family issues like the rest of us. After all, if you had this many sisters to deal with, who wouldn't prefer fighting aliens over dealing with unnecessary drama (Cough Metroid: Other M, cough cough.) 

Personal Toy Shelf

by Unknown

Talk about dedication to your collection. Why dress up as your favorite Nintendo, Disney, or Skylanders character when you can just bring all of them with you...attached to your body?

It's not an obsession, I swear. 

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Wii Fit Fighter!

by LeapingLizardCosplay

Being a master of yoga and the definitive icon of Nintendo fitness games, might sound easy, but bring the Wii Fit trainer into a brawl and she's bound to knock your lights out. Or help you lose weight, whichever comes first. 


by CPP Creations

Being a powerful figure in the Mario universe, Rosalina happens to be one of the most interesting female characters the Mario games have ever offered. So, it comes as no shock to see plenty of female cosplayers dressing in her image. (Is it also weird to think that costume would make great pajamas? Seriously, how comfy do those look!?)   

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You're a Squid Now!

by RainaTraina

The popularity of Splatoon has spawned numerous amiibo figures for die hards to collect, including a recent Squid Sisters pack. This woman's rendition of the game's iconic Marie is freaky accurate -- let's just hope her hair doesn't consist of genuine squid. 

Cuddly Charizard 

by HaruDesu88

Have you ever wondered what Charizard would be like if, instead of rough skin, we was made of felt and you could hug one without running the risk of catching fire? No? Well, apparently someone did, as this young woman managed to create what could be the softest Charizard in the history of nerd-dom. 

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Super Smash Bros Cosplay


There's a reason Super Smash Bros has remained a Nintendo staple since its birth on the N64. Satisfying the inner masochist in all of us, we just love seeing our favorite Nintendo characters battling it out with one another, and these cosplay costumes perfectly summarize the nostalgia running through its fans' veins. 

Tennis, Anyone? 

by CPP Creations

We haven't seen any Mario's Tennis amiibo just yet, but if Nintendo were to get a hold of this picture, I'm sure they'd be inspired to make a whole line of figures. Just you wait, it's bound to happen. 

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Big, Bigger, Biggest!

by d-slim

A side by side comparison with the amiibo figure and an action figure helps illustrate the detail that's been put into this Samus suit cosplay. I just hope there's some sort of waste disposal system, as I'd imagine trying to use the bathroom with this costume on would not be fun. 

Fuzzy Yoshi

by kyramil

Nintendo may be fond of pouring out yarn Yoshi Amiibos, but perhaps they should be investing in Fuzzy ones too? And considering the fact that knitting together a Yoshi costume would probably take forever, it makes this fuzzy interpretation of Mario's loyal companion all the more impressive. 

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Villager and Little Mac - BRAND NEW!

by Maxime Chow

Every amiibo collector's dream is finding all of their favorite figures brand new in the box. But dressing up as your favorite video game character and sealing yourself within a box? That doesn't sound crazy at all...

Vintage Peach

by MandyNeko

Every wondered how the world of Super Mario would fair in the olden days? This clever recreation of the Princess Peach outfit could be the closest thing we ever get to a Victorian era Mario game. (Unless you're reading this Nintendo, in which case wink-wink, hint-hint, make this happen.) 

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Lady Ike

by CPP Creations

Gender swapping characters can sometimes lead to the most unique of costumes, and this female rendition of Ike from Fire Emblem is no different! With its vast attention to detail, it's only a matter of time before a real amiibo is made out of her.

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The Squid Sisters

by Cospatio

A grand success in fandom out of Japan, the Squid Sisters from Splatoon have been getting numerous fans adapting their own version of the characters into costume. But these two women from Japan do an especially great job of making the characters come to life!


by Unknown

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Some people buy amiibos for the sole purpose of selling them on the Internet for a substantial profit. So what better way to encompass the scumbag amiibo re-seller by mixing him with the mysterious seller from Resident Evil 4? Could you just imagine Leon picking up three Ryu amiibos while fighting his way through a horde of zombies? Maybe the chainsaw guy has a soft spot for Jigglypuff?

Do you have a particular cosplay you are proud of? Feel free to share photos of your past cosplay with GameSkinny at [email protected] . We just might feature them in a future article!

Published Jul. 27th 2016

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