Nintendo Outlines Dragon Quest Builders 2 DLC Release and More

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is getting four DLC packs stuffed with new content, and the game is part of the new Voucher program as well.

Dragon Quest Builders 2's release date is fast approaching, and Nintendo has unveiled some new information about what fans can expect from its DLC — and when.

Knickknack Pack, the first DLC pack will be free and releases July 26. It provides players with three recipes: The Pretty Paddle, Celebratory Soup, and Ornate Adornment. These items are themed around Hotto, one of Dragon Quest XI's exotic locales.

The second pack, Hotto Stuff Pack, releases the same day and will cost $5.99. It offers more than 40 recipes to help design and decorate buildings so they resemble Hotto itself. On top of that, the Hotto Stuff Pack grants access to a new island where Builders can gather materials needed for these recipes.

August 2 will see the Aquarium Pack's release. $9.99 grants players a brand-new island full of fishing spots and 40 different fish to catch. There will be a host of new quests to fulfill and characters to befriend as well — and in Dragon Quest Builders 2, befriending means getting NPCs to build things for the player.

Additionally, the Aquarium Pack nets players a fishing rod and new customization options, including swimwear, a straw hat, and a ponytail hair option.

Finally is the Modernist Pack, which will be available August 9 for $9.99. It includes more than 70 new recipes to help Builders create modern-style buildings, such as a luxury hotel, plus it too will offer new hairstyle and clothing options.

Nintendo is also offering a Season Pass that will include all DLC as it releases for $20.99, which is basically just throwing in the Hotto Stuff pack for free.

Fans who pre-purchase and pre-order the game's digital version via the Nintendo eShop will receive special in-game items once the game launches on July 12, though what these items are is still a mystery. It's not July 12 yet, after all.

The digital version is also being included in Nintendo's new Nintendo Switch Voucher program. We've already detailed the program's particulars here, but in short, purchasing Vouchers grants Nintendo Switch Online members a $20 discount when they purchase two digital games.


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Published May. 22nd 2019

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