Why Divekick Isn't as Awesome As it Sounds

If you're looking for one note, incredibly meta fighting game humor, look no further.

This is going to be a confusing review, because what I'm about to tell you will make you want to go out and purchase Divekick immediately, but I'd really caution against doing just that. 

Divekick is billed as the world's first two button fighting game. Are you the kind of person that hates all of the complexity in modern fighters, the fact that you have to learn 300 combinations to really be competitive? Divekick promises to simplify fighting games, with only two things you can do. Dive(jump) and kick. 

The game promises to distill fighting down to two primary components and to make it all about making the right move at the right time rather than simply button mashing. 

This is, unfortunately, not the case. 

The characters are incredibly difficult to control, especially when you get to characters with more complicated attacks. There are a variety of character types that have different fighting styles (variations on the basic dive/kick combination mentioned above) but the fact is that most of them are just incredibly difficult to handle. The game decides which direction you're facing, usually at your opponent, so at least that's sensical, but you can't back up or move forward to attack. It's just confusing. 

Also, the game's humor is almost entirely based around the incredibly insular fighting game community. That isn't to say I didn't get the jokes (there were some that I didn't, others weren't too hard to figure out) it was just that the jokes were incredibly juvenile and one note. 

It's a poor joke that overstays it's welcome, and is definitely not worth $10. 

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If you're looking for one note, incredibly meta fighting game humor, look no further.

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Published Aug. 27th 2013
  • 4Leaf_7627
    The game is easy. If you're just starting out, you should just pick either Dive or Kick, the introductory characters. The other characters have a higher learning curve and are meant for fighting game veterans or people who have become comfortable with the DiveKick engine.

    You can win by using basic attacks (Divekicks or Kickback kicks) by themselves or by mixing in specials (Ground and Air).

    If you play in Online Ranked, you won't survive unless you know what you're doing. Practice in Story Mode or Versus first (with friends).

    And... I hate to say this, but modern gamers are a bit spoiled, aren't they.
  • Jim_6948
    I disagree 100% with this review. The game is simple to play and difficult to master just as it should be. It has way more depth than it sounds like on the surface and that's a really good thing. Don't let this hater turn you away from an EASY $10 purchase. This game rocks.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    That's pretty funny. I get ya but when I saw the trailer and tournaments I couldn't stop laughing. The game is meant to be completely stupid. With a jump and attack button and one hit knockouts? That's just too funny. I'm pretty sure its intended to be for pure hilarious and stupid entertainment.
  • Anon_6003
    this reviewer must have never touched a fighting game before in his life to find divekick confusing
  • fenryo
    really? the game decides the position we are facing?... it is really no good, I imagine the frustration.

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