It's Good to be King(pin) in Batman: Arkham Underworld

Coming to iOS, you can be up there with Gotham's best baddies.

If you've ever wanted to play as the villain in a Batman game, then the newly released Batman: Arkham Underworld is the game for you. It's available today on iPhone and iPad. Just try not to get beaten too badly by Batman.

In the new mobile game based on the hit Arkham seriesyou play as the kingpin of Gotham's newest crime ring -- and you'll find that you need to prove yourself among the city's criminal elite. To do this, you'll have to build a hideout, train your thugs, and be the best criminal mastermind Gotham's ever seen. Basically, it's Clash of Clans -- Batman style.

Underworld sees the player making alliances with and commanding classic Batman villains like Killer Croc, Riddler, Scarecrow, and Harley Quinn, all in the name of personal profit and gain. You've also got to level up your thugs and defend the base against other players and the "Freakin' Bat" himself.



Published Jul. 18th 2016

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