DICE director announces Battlefield 5 now in production

A developer at DICE mentions that production for Battlefield 5 is in full force, after the debut of Star Wars: Battlefront last month.

A developer at Electronic Arts' DICE studio has revealed that production for Battlefield 5 has begun in earnest, following the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront last month.

Dan Vaderlind, the development director for DICE, made the announcement on his personal Twitter account on Friday. 

Vaderlind also changed his Twitter bio to state that he is "currently working on the next Battlefield".

We've known for a while that Battlefield 5 would be coming out some time in late 2016, but Vaderlind's statement that he's shifted to production on the game indicates that the DICE team has largely moved on from Star Wars: Battlefront at this point. We should soon be seeing a lot more of the next installment of one of EA's biggest franchises.

We have few details about the new game at the moment, but last year an EA executive stated in an interview with GameSpot that Battlefield 5 "will be a military-style game". After the crime-focused Battlefield: Hardline and the vastly different feel of Star Wars: Battlefront, fans will surely welcome a return to the series' roots.

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Published Dec. 13th 2015

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