Blade & Soul has a busy two weeks as launch looms

Blade & Soul's launch is right around the corner. Name reservations and head start begin next week.

The Blade & Soul launch feels so far away, yet.. we're so close. Just over two weeks from launch and one week from head start, NCSoft's action MMORPG release is looming and there's no stopping it.

My fellow Asian-region players, international beta participants, and brand new players: there's some stuff you need to know about the next two weeks as we rev up to launch.

First and foremost is Blade & Soul's pre-launch name registration phase. This begins on Tuesday, January 11 at 6PM PST (NA)/7PM CET (EU). Disciple and Master Pack holders will be able to log into the game during these times and claim the names they want to have a monopoly over at launch.

Just four days after name registration comes head start for all Founder's Pack tier holders. This three-day period gives Founder's Pack holders the chance to get ahead of the pack at launch. Head start begins on January 15 at 10AM PST (NA)/7PM CET (EU).

And finally, the day we've all been waiting for: Blade & Soul will be launching on January 19 for everyone. Anyone not a Founder's Pack holder will be able to log into the game at 12:01AM EST (NA)/9AM CET (EU) and start their wuxia journey.

This rapid-fire schedule doesn't give much in the way of breather room. If you're a Blade & Soul Founder's Pack holder, keep the above dates and times in mind as we edge closer to next week's pre-launch preparations and get ready to kick some butt.

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Published Jan. 5th 2016

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