Nintendo Labo Combines Arts and Crafts With Toys-to-Life

Nintendo just announced their newest quirky/innovative peripheral/title: Nintendo Labo. Read on to learn exactly what it is, when it releases, and how much it will cost.

Today, Nintendo announced a new product for the Switch called the Nintendo Labo. It can be kind of hard to wrap your head around it at first, so watch the above trailer and stick with us as we try to help parse through the details of this unique product.

Nintendo Labo is set to release on April 20.

What Is Nintendo Labo?

As the title infers, Nintendo Labo involves creating things. In this case, you are given cardboard cut outs that you assemble using the provided instructions and other various items, like string and rubber bands. These cut outs create certain objects, like a small, 13-key piano, handle bars for a motorcycle, or even a robot suit. You then insert your Switch controller into the spots on your object to create a new play experience. Your new creation is used in conjunction with the provided software and games to create new play experiences.

What Is Included in Nintendo Labo?

Per Nintendo, there are currently going to be two kits for Nintendo Labo:

  1. A variety kit set at a $70 price point that includes five different toys and associated mini-games:
    1. Two RC cars
    2. One Motorbike
    3. One 13-key piano
    4. One House
    5. One fishing rod
  2. A Robo Kit that creates a "mecha" suit that you wear along with its associated mini-game for $80

  3. A Customization Set, which is used to decorate your crafts, for $10 

Hands On Nintendo Labo Event

If you live in San Francisco or New York area, have one or more children ages 6-12, and are interested in getting a practical, hands-on experience with the title, then you can sign up for a three hours session. The New York event will be held February 2-3, while the San Fran event will be hosted from March 2-4. Presumably, there will be separate sessions on each of these days, but there is currently confirmation of that.

You will need a free Nintendo account to sign up for these events. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.

Nintendo Labo continues Nintendo's trend of innovation along with their policy of being child friendly. While the success of this product is far from being determined, one thing can be certain: this experiment will stand out amongst its peers. 

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Published Jan. 17th 2018

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