Maneater Bloodies Switch Waters This May

Rip through Port Clovis on the go when Maneater releases on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Maneater, Tripwire Interactive's cleverly self-proclaimed shARkPG, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this May, the developer and publisher has announced. It will retail for $39.99. 

Playing as a vengeful bull shark from pup to apex predator, players navigate the dangerous waters of the fictional Gulf region of Port Clovis, sinking their teeth into everything from catfish and alligators to unawares swimmers and pesky bounty hunters. 

There are seven varied sub-locations to swim through and explore. Along the way, players collect nutrients and evolutions to upgrade their shark into the ultimate killing machine, all while staying on the blood trail of the dastardly Scaly Pete.

Chris Parnell (Rick and Morty, 30 Rock) narrates the fully self-aware and snarkily-good story, which clocks in at about eight hours. 

The Switch version comes with the Tiger Shark Evolution DLC, which was released for other consoles in August 2020. It includes a tiger shark skin and a new accompanying evolution that "allows you to digest nearly anything, increasing your ability to gain vital nutrients from all varieties of prey," according to Tripwire. 

We loved Maneater when it was first released back in May 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It later chomped its way to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in November. Our review called it "sharky soul food" and praised it for its combat, upgrade system, environments, and story direction. The idea of ripping through the game on the go has us wanting to jump back in. 

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Published Mar. 19th 2021

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