Geek & Sundry Posts New Critical Role Artwork

Geek and Sundry posted the first look of the new characters for Critical Role's new Campaign!

Today on Geek & Sundry, the first pieces of artwork of the new Critical Role characters were posted. Each character had its own respective image, along with a large group portrait akin to the silhouette announcement during the holidays. From the Game & Sundry announcement:

"Ariana Orner is the new official Critical Role artist starting with the second campaign, although she’s not new at all to the show itself. 'I got into it back in April 2016 and I haven’t stopped loving it since,' she says. So it’s no surprise that Ariana is thrilled to contribute to the new campaign ...."

Now with a base to work from, this is the beginning of a stream of new fan art that will be showcased on the show during breaks and on the site. The full gallery of images can be found here, with information pertaining to which character is being presented.

But be sure to stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Critical Role and Dungeons and Dragons news!


Published Jan. 17th 2018

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