Super Mario Maker Competition at Facebook

Nintendo is letting Facebook have a level making competition for the upcoming game, Super Mario Maker.

Nintendo and Facebook are joining forces to help promote Nintendo’s upcoming game, Super Mario Maker. There will be a competition on Facebook’s campus, where teams will get together and work on creating Mario levels. Judges from Facebook as well as Nintendo will decide the winner, and the winning level will come as a playable level on the game. The level will also be free for all players of the game.

Super Mario Maker is releasing on September 11th, and will feature 100 levels just by itself. You can also as the game title suggests, create your own levels and share them online for everyone to play.

If you haven’t yet bought a Wii U, or you are into collecting amiibos, this game will come in a special bundle, that includes the game, as well as an 8-bit style Mario amiibo celebrating Mario’s 30th anniversary. The downfall to this bundle is it is only being released in Europe and Australia, and no word as to it coming over to the United States. 

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Published Jul. 23rd 2015

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