3 of the Most Dangerous Cities in the World! (According to Games)

Whether you're Spider-Man or Godzilla, you'd know these cities are dangerous by the inhabitants, or the history left behind by other heroes or villains.

There's crime in the real world, there's crime in games. Sometimes you fight crime, sometimes you cause crime. There are plenty of games that take place in real cities, and they often paint the city red with violence. In this article, we'll be looking at some cities, and how dangerous they are according to the games taking place there.

1. Miami

Miami has been host to games such as Battlefield Hardline, Hotline Miami, and Scarface, there was also a fictional adaptation of Miami in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is a lot of drug related crimes involved in every single one of these titles, including trafficking, murder, violence, crooked cops, or in the case of Miami Hotline -- a guy wearing a chicken mask killing off hordes of the Russian mob.

2. Los Angeles

This city has seen some of the worst digital crime ever. In Grand Theft Auto V, it had Trevor's craziness to put up with, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it had crooked cops, and a lot of gang violence, and L.A. Noire had a lot of cases to do with murder and vice, which got pretty gruesome.

3. New York City

There are many games that have taken place here. From games like Grand Theft Auto IV, to the The Godfather, or the Spiderman games, even to something like The Division. According to these games there is a lot of gang related violence going on in New York City, along with some pretty infamous characters either directing, or spurring on the violence. In the case of The Division, New York city is prone to bio terrorist attacks. Plus, there's also Godzilla, so... Essentially, these games have taught us to just stay inside -- or run away, unless you have superpowers.

Ironically, in real life only one of these cities made it to a top 100 most dangerous places in the US list, and that was Miami, ranking at number 63 according to NeighborhoodScout.com. These cities don't seem to be as bad as the games would have you think -- which is good, because I would not like to get stomped on by Godzilla when I'm visiting New York.

Whether you got assaulted, or you were under the threat of bioterrorism, you always pulled through in the games, right? Let us know the moments you've felt most unsafe in video game cities in the comments!


Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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