Art of Conquest Patch Makes Claiming Cities A Little More Challenging

Art of Conquest gets a patch that promises to fix a loophole with city conquering that has been a pain in the sides of its players.

Art of Conquest players have been having sniper problems -- but not the shooting kind of sniper. After successfully taking down an enemy city, either by yourself or with fellow members of your house, the city becomes neutral and whoever wants to claim it can. And some players have been exploiting this loophole to grab cities right out from under other groups. 

This has been a problem for players, because groups don't necessarily have to be the victors in order to claim a city. And groups of players have begun patrolling maps and looking for cities under siege, then snatching those cities up once they become neutral. It doesn't matter who actually won -- whoever presses the button first gets the city.

However according to a press release from the developer, Lilith Games, the newest patch will fix that. From now on, when a player tries to move into a city, a 10-minute timer will pop up. If they keep their spot for the whole 10 minutes, then they get to claim the city. And in an extra twist, those players can even be challenged by members of their own kingdom.

There's no word yet on exactly when this patch will be released.

Do you think this a change for the better? Or could there be a better way of fixing it? Let me know in the comments, and keep your eyes on GameSkinny for more news about Art of Conquest.


Published Jul. 1st 2017

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