Oh Lawd, He Comin': Snorlax Heads to Pokemon Cafe Mix

Snorlax lumbers its way to Pokemon Cafe Mix alongside a new kind of challenge best served with friends (or strangers).

New visitors and events are coming to Pokemon Café Mix. Players can order up team challenges with new co-workers and, from September 24 through October 8, possibly entice a hungry Snorlax to their café.

The event running from September 24 until October 8, introduces Snorlax to the game. Players can work to get Snorlax on their good side in the hopes of convincing it to join the café staff. If it does join, Snorlax's special ability is clearing away icons and gimmicks beneath it.

If that's not enough Snorlax to sate the appetite, there's a Snorlax Maniac Pikachu available for purchase (using real money) in the shop.

Team challenges are a new feature in Pokemon Café Mix and aren't going anywhere after October 8. Players create teams of up to 30 people, but these teams don't have to be drawn from existing friend lists. They can include anyone who wants to work together — for a cost.

Creating a team costs 300 Golden Acorns, and whoever creates the team is that team's captain. However, for a limited time — The Pokemon Company didn't say how long — creating a new team earns players a bonus of 300 Golden Acorns per team member.

If you're new to adding Pokémon to your team, we've got a rundown of every available Pokemon in Café Mix so far to help. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon Café Mix news as it develops.


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Published Sep. 24th 2020

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