Gift Guide: 10 Clothing Items for Gamers

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There is nothing like a store for nerds and gamers. ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, and other great retail stores have some of the best gifts for gamers, nerds, and more. If you know anyone like that, you'll also probably know that they sometimes like to show it off in how they dress.

Here are some of the best nerd culture apparel you can buy for your friends and family!

1. The Legend of Zelda "Be Prepared" T-Shirt

Buy now from ThinkGeek for $19.99

This holiday season, bring this shirt home for that Zelda fan you know. With a reference to one of the most memorable quotes from the NES classic, this 8-bit styled Zelda T-shirt is sure to please.



2. Star Fox 2 Cover T-Shirt

Buy now from ThinkGeek for $14.99

Letting you fly through galaxies in a spaceship and take down your enemies as a heroic fox is probably one of the coolest things Nintendo ever let you do as a kid (or adult). If anyone you know is a Star Fox fan, you can surprise them with this T-shirt depicting the cover for the Star Fox 2 game.


3. Super Mario Pajama Pants

Buy now from Hot Topic for $15.60

Get warm and cozy with these Mario pajama pants -- a perfect gift for the chilly holiday season! Available in all sizes for girls and guys.


4. Prototype 2 Leather Jacket

Feel like the ultimate hero with the leather jacket worn by the protagonist of Prototype 2. It probably won't grant your gift recipient the shapeshifting powers of Alex Mercer, but it certainly can't hurt to dress like him!

Buy now from Stylowears for 99£.

5. Super Mario Jumpmen at Work T-Shirt

This T-shirt will make you feel like a constructor and get you to work hard! The stylized Super Mario art shows off a slightly different side of the Mario franchise. You can get this Jumpmen at Work shirt from FanGamer.

6. Windjammers - Jammin'

If you live in the northern hemipshere, the holiday season probably isn't the best time to time to go to the beach and throw some frisbees around -- but you can still show off your style and attitude with this retro WindJammers T-shirt!

Buy now from Fangamer for $24.

7. Phantom Panic

Spooky and devilish, the Mario villain, Phanto, is probably the cause of many childhood nightmares. However, Phanto has probably never looked quite as stylish as it does on this T-shirt!

Buy now from Fangamer for $24.

8. Mario & Luigi Slippers

Slip on some slippers with attitude! You can keep your friend's or family member's feet warm with the iconic Nintendo brothers, Mario and Luigi -- as slipper shoes!

Buy now from StylinOnline for $29.99.


Buy now from Hot Topic for $14.63

He's sick, he's evil, and most of all, he's twisted. Grab this retro-style T-shirt depicting the trademark character of the Twisted Metal racing game series: Sweet Tooth. This shirt is the perfect gift for anyone that loves metal, clowns, racing games, or all three of them!



Buy now from Hot Topic for $14.63

This Street Fighter shirt shows off Ryu's bearded look, and for a fighting game icon like Ryu, all it takes is a beard to show off his battle experience. This shirt is the ultimate gift for fighting game fans!


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Published Nov. 13th 2017



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