New Alternate Costumes Revealed for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Play as Yoshi from his newest release, and more special costumes in Smash Ultimate.

Previously unseen renderings of alternate costumes for various Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters have been revealed in an exclusive video by Source Gaming. PushDustin found a render of Yoshi from the newly announced Yoshi's Crafted World on Nintendo's press asset library and got permission from the Big N themselves to publish their findings.

In addition to the adorable fuzzy Yoshi alternate, costumes for Mecha Ridley, Mario Maker Mario, Pikachu Libre from Pokken Tournament, female Robin, and more were shown off in the video.

Adding onto the excitement, Twitter user Zalman posted a few extra secret renderings of Alph from Pikmin, and my personal favorite -- a classic green tunic Link costume.

With these new renderings comes endless possibilities for additional alternate costumes for the already colossal sized cast. What Super Smash Bros. Ultimate costumes are you hoping for? Metal-Mewtwo? Kingdom Hearts Cloud? Let us know in the comments below!

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Published Sep. 18th 2018

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