More Evidence For Grand Theft Auto V on PC

It still isn't official but Amazon thinks GTAV is PC-bound.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V launched, gamers have clamored for a PC version.

Now, we've got more evidence that a PC iteration is indeed coming: Amazon France has a product listing for the PC version of the award-winning blockbuster from Rockstar. If you're wondering, the French branch of Amazon has a solid history of leaking big-name titles. They were first to tell us about Call of Duty: Black Ops II, for instance.

Many expect GTAV to come to the PC at some point this year. Last October, a Eurogamer report said we could expect the PC iteration at some point in 2014. As a point of reference, GTAIV released in April of 2008 for consoles and then found its way to the PC platform in December of that year. 

Thus far, an online petition for a PC iteration of GTAV has tallied over 660,000 signatures at, which makes it one of the biggest petitions ever hosted at the site. Also, we probably shouldn't forget that most analysts believe GTAV on PC is an inevitability. Furthermore, there's a good chance Rockstar will bring the game to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point.

Games as great as GTAV...

Really deserve to have the largest audience possible. I despise playing games on a PC but lots of people like it. Lots of people, as evidenced by that petition. They don't have much to worry about, though, as Take-Two will probably honor their wishes some time soon. I sense an impending announcement...

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Published Dec. 23rd 2019
  • Samuel Franklin
    Featured Contributor
    I'm waiting for it on PC as a PC gamer but I'm not kicking up a fuss because I know they'll do it eventually because there is fairly big demographic just drooling over it (and without a console!)

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