Thanks... Origin? Dead Space Completely Free Until May 8th

Dead Space is free for a limited time on PC through Origin.

In a surprising move, EA has decided that survival-horror game Dead Space will be "On The House" until May 8th for those who use EA's digital distribution platform, Origin. This discount is likely a continuation of EA's attempt to improve its public image in light of gamers' negative reactions to the company, most notably, gamers voting EA the Worst Company in America on Consumerist two years in a row, though EA lost to Time Warner Cable this year in the first match.

Officially, the game hasn't been discounted for any particular reason.

Dead Space follows the story of Isaac Clarke, the then silent engineer, as he joins a repair mission to save his girlfriend aboard USG Ishimura, a mining ship in space that has apparently gone silent. The team's mission: discover the cause of the disturbance, repair the ship, and return to earth. Unfortunately, this isn't a simple rescue mission.

Very quickly, Isaac discovers that a horrific infection of some kind has changed nearly all of the former workers aboard the vessel into vicious, disturbing monsters that want nothing more than to kill anything in their way. Issac must use what few tools he can find as weapons, whether it be a plasma cutter, a buzz saw, or a military assault rifle, to decapitate the infected adversaries and save Nicole before the infection's victims turn him into one of them.

Dead Space received generally positive reviews, but was occasionally criticized for its poor PC port and heavy reliance on jump scares. Some gamers have created their own bug-fixes. The most common one being the game and its physics engine not working properly if the game runs at too high of a frame rate.

Those who wish to download Dead Space can do so here for free until May 8th, 2014.

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Published Mar. 27th 2014
  • Ryu Sheng
    The gameplay of the original was briliant, a true survival game with horror in it. I don't really see it relying to much on jump scares, especially after the initial since you know everything is gonna kill you, but you still get scared when it comes for you.

    Sadly it did have problems on the PC, the physics complaints were rather pathetic IMO. Sure they werent perfect, but they were hardly worth crying over, hell i've seen worse in other games that people accepted.

    The biggest problem with the initial game was the control scheme, if you were left handed you were screwed since the keys weren't rebindable. My first playthrough was harder than it should have been because of that. thankfully a fan made a new scheme for the keys, but even that wasn't perfect.

    That said though this game is a classic and amazing fun to play, and watch someone play!!
  • Brian S
    Featured Correspondent
    I think the main problem is that you always know where each enemy is going to come out of. Like, it's almost always going to be out of a vent in the room, and if you die, they still come out of the same places at the same time. It's a little too scripted. That said, if you have no idea what you're getting into, it's freaking terrifying. They definitely got the mood right in the first Dead Space game.
    And I was just saying what common complaints are for the PC port. I find most of the physics bugs to be more entertaining than they ever were game-breaking. My biggest issue is that the aiming both with a controller and mouse is pretty mediocre.
    Did using a controller help at all with your control issues?
  • Andrei Manolache
    Wow, haven't played this one in years. Best horror game of its time. Even now I get the chills thinking of how fast those bastards jump you straight from the beginning of the game, without any foreplay.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent

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