Top 5 Female Characters in Gaming

2. Lara Croft

Tomb Raider

Lara is on this list not only because she is such a strong character, but also because of how important she is to gaming. Lara and the Tomb Raider series have had a huge impact on the gaming industry. Lara is such a strong character -- and she will not let anything get in between her and her treasure, including dinosaurs.

In the newest Tomb Raider, Laura is speared by rebar within the first ten minutes of the game, and yet she still fights on. She later uses an arrow to cauterize the wound, something a lot of people would have trouble doing. She is one of the biggest characters known in all of gaming and her games are loved by many.

She does not let anything stop her, and it’s her will and determination that make her such a strong character in gaming.

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Published Oct. 23rd 2015

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