Top 5 Female Characters in Gaming

1. Clementine 
The Walking Dead Season One and Two

Clementine is the best female character in gaming by a long shot. She has such a hard life. yet she stays so strong and never gives up hope. She has seen her friends, parents, Lee, and many others die right in front of her. But Clementine stays strong through everything she has seen and she always stays positive.

The girl has a way about her that just makes gamers care about her instantly. She conveys so much emotion through her dialog and her actions that she can even bring you to tears (especially at the end of the first game). Clementine is only a little girl but through the events of the game she has to grow up quick.

Depending on what the player chooses to do throughout the game her personality will change. She can be both very nice and trusting, or she can be unfriendly, not trust anyone, and send people away. It’s her ability to make people care so much about her that makes her the best character in gaming.

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Published Oct. 23rd 2015

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