Flappy Bird Rises Again Online As "Family"

Flappy Bird has finally made an official comeback with a new title for Android’s Amazon Appstore

Flappy Bird is making flight once again as a game, and it’s creator Dong Nguyen has given his game new features for players to enjoy. Flappy Birds Family, now available for Android on the Amazon Appstore, still has the side-scrolling format with tap controls of it’s preceding title but features more obstacles and a multiplayer option.

The game is played with Android devices, but can only be viewed through Fire TV (like a controller and console); this has been an unpopular design choice based on customer reviews on the app’s download page.

“If this thing is for the Fire TV, how is that one guy going to go to the bathroom and play for three hours,” Rich Woods said. He rated the game with one star out of five possible.

The game’s predecessor was un-listed from iTunes in February, despite being downloaded by 50 million people. Even though Flappy Bird earned $50,000 a day, Nguyen claimed it’s popularity was too addicting and stressful. It’s legacy was strong enough to spawn app clones and iPhone bids reaching in excess of $90,000 for devices with the game after the delisting.

There is no indication whether Flappy Birds Family will be released on iTunes or Google Play.

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Published Aug. 5th 2014
  • Si_W
    Each to their own, not a fan of this sort of thing.

    Still, the news about the exorbitant phone bids just makes me realise how silly and superficial some people are.
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    I was not a fan of the first game, I don't think this one will lure me in either.

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