Nexon Korea enters into "strategic relationship" with NAT Games

Nexon has entered into a partnership with NAT Games, causing doors to open for both companies.

Doors are opening for Nexon. Nexon Korea announced it has formed a partnership with NAT Games, known as the developer of the popular mobile RPG, HIT

In partnering with NAT Games, Nexon Korea CEO Jiwon Park hopes to strengthen their already successful relationship, and push games like HIT even farther. 

"HIT achieved remarkable regional success, and we look forward to continuing our work with NAT Games for HIT’s further success and a seamless global launch.”

NAT Games CEO and Lead Producer Yong-Hyun Park, known for developing popular MMORPGs such as TERA and Lineage II, is equally enthused, saying Nexon is the ideal partner to foster growth globally. 

"We will continue to improve our development skills and this partnership will enable us to produce unique and high-quality games.”

HIT, short for Heroes of Incredible Tales, is a 3D mobile RPG made using Unreal Engine 4. The story of the game is simple: The players take control of knights and fight to save the world from sinking into complete corruption. 

On top of joining with NAT, Nexon has also made an investment with NAT's major shareholder, Barunson E&A, and furthermore entered into a publishing contract with a subsidiary of Barunson, Studio 8, for Astellia, an MMORPG for PC, which uses Unreal Engine 3.



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Published Apr. 17th 2016

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