Flash Review: Helicopter

Another Flash Review, this time it's Helicopter. Very simple, incredibly forward with the goal. Just get you helicopter to the end of the tunnel... click to win. Another game from Andkon.com

... I didn't realize it's night now. I've been playing since morning, I just wanted to get past 570, I missed work... and I never got past 570. This is probably the simplest flash game I'll ever review, unless there's a flash game about nothing (Seinfeld: the game?).

Click to Win

I should probably take some time to explain the controls to this game... it's kind of hard to understand but I think I can sum it up pretty well. Here goes. Left click and hold to make the helicopter to go up, let go of the left mouse button to let the helicopter drop. Ya, I know, I should probably go more in depth with that but there's a lot more to this game.

If you touch the wall you crash and have to start over again from the beginning. Attempt to beat your record or reach the end of the tunnel (I think there's an end... never got past 570).

Well okay, that's it. On to how it looks and stuff

Sights and Sounds

There's a helicopter... and a tunnel. Look this game is simple, I mean, the helicopter is the ONLY source of sound in the entire game. You hear the engine rev up when you left click, and the engine dies down to a putter when you release. When you crash... you hear a crash noise.

The tunnel isn't the most awe inspiring thing in the world, but I'd rather have a simple obstacle to avoid than an elaborate one with wonky collision sensing. The helicopter isn't exactly complex, but it is definitely a helicopter.

I can't describe the audio and visual aspects of the game anymore. Seriously, there's nothing more to say. You'd have to invent either new words, or a whole language based on redundancy.


This game is more than likely too simple to review, so I guess I should warn you. This game is addictive. The beginning of this Flash Review was a slight exaggeration. I could honestly spend an entire afternoon or morning just trying to best my score, let alone trying to see if the tunnel (or the game) ends. I'm pretty sure the tunnel is infinite, it sure feels like it.

Anyone playing this game needs to watch out. This game is so simple anything can play it. No, that's not a typo... anything can play this game. As long as it can click the left mouse button... and then not click... really that's the game in a nut shell. Click and then not click in order to not crash, that could have been the entire review. I would have done that, but that wouldn't describe how entertaining (addictive) this game is. It is elegant as it is simple, and it is INCREDIBLY simple



You can play this one at andkon.com


I was born, stuff happened, then I got a bachelors and am writing for GameSkinny at the moment. All I really have time to play right now are flash games and League of Legends. Basically if it's a game odds are I'm going to like it, and if not I'll play for a while. Any game can be good or bad, it just depends on how you view the story, even if it isn't written. Sorry if you were expecting personal info, I don't really like giving that many details online unless I know you...

Published Jan. 22nd 2013

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