Galaga Wars coming to a mobile device near you!

Get ready for some classic arcade action with a 21st century flair!

Bandai Namco announced plans to bring the old classic back to life on Android and iOS. GALAGA WARS is available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Netherlands and should be available everywhere soon. Unfortunately, there has been no official word on its exact release date yet.

It seems the developer, Paladin Studios, is trying hard to keep the feel of the arcade classic intact while still giving it a more modern feel. They even brought back "Twin Mode" which allows players to double their firepower. 

Derek De Geus, CEO of Paladin Studios says:

“We are honored to work on such an amazing IP with BANDAI NAMCO. Galaga is iconic in every way, and the Paladin team has done a great job re-imagining the game for the 21st century. We stayed true to the heart of the game from 35 years ago, going so far as working with the original game design documents and analyzing every pixel in the original art. That said, the new GALAGA WARS is a unique game with some very interesting innovations. I think it will bring a big smile to players around the world!”

Get ready for some good old space bug squishing action when GALAGA WARS releases. It should be available on all mobile platforms soon.

Check out the official website for more details. The nostalgia is free of charge!

Published Jun. 24th 2016

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